Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Corning Museum of Glass

A beautiful Tiffany window.

With my brother and sister in law in town we have been going places that we might not ordinarily go.  It's an impetus to go places that we mean to go but are just too easy because they are close by.  Yes, I know that kind of sounds silly.  But isn't it normally true that people who live in a city don't necessarily see the sights of that city.  We plan our trips and go places exciting but we miss what is local.  For instance, we lived in Lockport for three years and never saw the Lockport 'cave', along the Erie canal.  Last summer we made that trek and were richly rewarded with an expert tour guide and some interesting facts about the Erie Canal and a man named, Birdsill Holly.
A really neat exhibit where you feel like you are walking into the glass.

Corning Museum of Glass has a museum, divided into antiquities and innovation.  The innovation portion of the museum is very engaging, It has hands on exhibits where technology comes to life.  There are demonstrations/classes where you will be thrilled and educated about the making of glass and properties of glass.  The area of antiquities is equally amazing with a broad collection of glass findings dating back to 700 BC, through the ages, encompassing many cultures.  It is equally fascinating as the innovation center.  
A really funny guy does an interesting demonstration.

And finally, because I am a girl who likes to shop on occasion, it has a really amazing gift shop.  It is like a mall of different type of gift shops- toys- housewares- jewelry- fine arts-.  FUN!
A man making a fish at the flame working demonstration. 

The Catholics and The Jews

Frank Lloyd Wright

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