Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tuesday at the NY State Fair

The NY State Fair

I have not been to the fair since I was in my 20's, eh hem, quite a while ago.  Boy, have we been missing something.  The NY State Fair is like a City in itself.  So much to do.  So much to experience.  You can understand why some families make it their whole weeks vacation.

I did not bring my camera because it threatened to rain all day and boy was I sorry.  It did not rain and there was like ten thousand photo ops.  Dang.  Next year.

The following pics were some of what we saw.  The first set is all on the website if you click the link above to the NYS Fair.

This was an amazing sand sculpture.  Would ahve liked to watch it be constructed.
These sheep cracked me up.  As we walked by one of the stalls one of the sheep, in a very deep voice, said MAAAeehh.  You know how they do it.  My daughter jumped and nearly hit the ceiling.  She turned and looked at me, like, what the heck was that Mom.  Loved that!
The poultry area was great.  I initially did not want to go in because it can get pretty stinky.  Yup, I was wrong.  I really enjoyed this area.  So many cool looking chickens roosters and all kinds of other fowl.
And just when I thought we were leaving, I was totally exhausted, we see the Indian dancers.  Sucked right in I was.  These kids could move.  Loved watching them.

I did not see this aprticular ceremony but we did go and see the State Troopers.  They put on a safety show/talk and had another show about K9 Police that my children totally loved.

I want to mention to that we did meet and talk with a man named Bob about honey and bees.  He was so informative.  My youngest daughter thought she would like to have a bee colony by the time we were five minutes into the conversation with him.  She was totally taken by it all.  We were too.

The following photos are from individual websites and such.  Sources are linked with them in the caption area.

And this is a must see for next time.  We waited while one cow was near to having a baby.  We had to leave because it was getting late.  We so want to go back and wait for that miracle to unfold before our eyes.  us City folk have never had the chance.
I think this was one of the most moving things I experienced at the fair.  Horses do that to me though.  Large, strong, powerful horses who's beauty totally captivates me.

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Just Crafty Enough said...

I love our State Fair, so looking forward to going on Sunday. The baby pigs are my favorite! Plus I have to check out the mittens that beat mine out for a ribbon ;)