Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finger Lakes Fiber Art Festival

This past weekend was the Fiber Art Festival of the Finger Lakes.  I have never been there before.  I had to go and take my girls.  My friend who has been contemplating taking some classes on spinning went with us.

Besides the day of mostly rain, it was fabulous.  Lots to learn and see.  The kids had a blast. Loved looking at all the animals, all the different type fiber, the crafts, the gifts, the clothing.  Lovely!
The above are some drop spindles.  Never knew what that was- now I do.  The young gentleman below is showing how the fiber is turned into yarn.

The gentleman above is showing how the coat would be cleaned after the sheep are shorned.
This gentleman was very informative, telling us all about how they take the coat off the sheep.
It may look like the sheep was being man-handled but it wasn't.  It was pretty calm as it was getting its coat shaved off.
The others look on.  They are saying, "Geez, finally Hazel is getting a trim, she sure needed it.  Mahhhh."
Are you going next Millie? Me, nahhhhh.  You can go.
After he is done, the sheep looks around for his coat- where the heck did my coat go?
 Oh Hazel, I got it right here.  Its off to market after we clean it.
The above skeins are mohair.  So beautiful.
 The classic spinning wheel.
Silk worm cocoons. 

 Loved, loved, loved the alpaca.  I need to have one.
 More colors.  Beautiful set up.
Icelandic sheep.
Angora bunny.

Thank you to all you beautiful animals that give us such lovely fiber.  Beautiful.

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