Sunday, February 16, 2014

Envelope Pillow Tutorial


I love to make pillows- its so easy and so much more economical.  Its easier to find the colors you want to go with your decor as well.  I made these for my brother and sister in law for Christmas.  They sometimes "fight" over the pillow that they have on the couch.  My Mom actually came up with the idea.  Perfect!  I didn't know for sure how they would go with the couch but I figured I could recover them if I needed to.  The chevron green one was the one I was most worried about. I was in luck, she said it went well.  Yahoo!

Envelope Style Pillow

pillow form
yardage of your choice

1.  Cut a piece of fabric to fit your pillow plus extra for folding over.  So, if your pillow is 14 x 14 then you will cut your fabric 15 x 36.

2.  Zig zag the edges on both the long sides.  On the short sides press 1/2 inch over then half inch again and stitch close to the edge.  Then another top stitch close to the other edge.

3.  Close so that one end overlaps the other by about four inches. Your pillow should be right sides together at this point.

4.  Stitch the ends closed on top and bottom.

Your done.  I sometimes put a button on these pillows when I make them.  It keeps them closed but its really for decoration as these pillows stay closed anyhow. 

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