Sunday, March 16, 2014

AQS Lancaster Day One

I went to AQS Quilt Show in Lancaster this past weekend.  Learned some, shopped a lot and had a very good time.  I ended up coming home with a new project.

While I was there I took Charlotte Agnotti's class called Surprise Me.  We had no idea going into the class what quilt we would be making.  We went through the class not knowing either.  After making the two blocks, Charlotte revealed the quilt to us.  There it is above.
This was our machine- a top of the line Janome.  It was a breeze to sew on. 
This is Charlotte Agnotti, our teacher. She was a lot of fun.  She kept us all entertained as we sewed our way through the two blocks.
This is the fabric kit we received in class to make our blocks.  I enjoyed working with the fabric- already precut- yeah! The blocks went together pretty easily.

I will let you know when that project is completed...

Later that night I went to the All Star Review.  I really enjoyed getting to know some of the teachers and what they do.  This is an excellent seminar to attend at a conference.  It highlighted some of the teachers and what they had to offer.

Billie Lauder, Linda Hahn, Dierdra McElroy, Nancy Sapin, Edyta Sitar, Karen Gloeggler and Ami Simms talked about their specific expertise.  Here are a few of them and their quilts.

Edyta Sitar

Linda Hahn

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