Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Other Side of The Tracks at Amy's Creative Side Quilt Festival

This quilt is called The Other Side of The Tracks. I am submitting it to Amy Creative Side for the Quilt Festival.  Go to the site and check out all the inspired and amazing quilts.

This quilt was a lot of fun to make.  I was surfing the internet and the idea came to me.  I quickly jotted down a drawing that I would use as my reference.

One of the hardest parts of piecing the huge pieces that go into this quilt is getting them measured in a concise way.  There are no rulers to measure pieces of this size.  Even the yard stick is not long enough.  I should have thought of it then but probably a plum line would have worked best.  ha!

Anyway, it all worked out.  I think because I was so inspired and hit minimal roadblocks, it was done in record time.  I was just that jazzed about seeing the end product.  In looking back, I see things that I would have done differently but that is what the quilting journey is all about, learning and creating. I am very happy with this quilt.  It's one of my favorites. 

If you like my quilt too please go and vote for it at Amy's Creative Site.  You can place votes in each category when you find your favorites.


made by ChrissieD said...

Dropped by from BQF, great to see your initial drawing and then the finished quilt, it's always good to get an insight into other people's process. Thanks for sharing :D

Katelyn Vawter said...

This is so lovely!
- Katelyn @ Sing While Crafting

Sally Hurley said...

Interesting design. I love the quilting and the colors.

CitricSugar said...

Plum lines! Now there's another tool we should all be stealing from the hardware store before the "quilt people" find out and mark them up 300%! :-)

Great work - Love those curved rungs!

LA Paylor said...

terrific and original. I voted for you. If you have time come see mine at

LeeAnna Paylor

Carrie Wikander said...

Really neat - I like it a lot! The border really addes to the overall effect - great work!

Carol said...

Very cool. I love the train track quilting.

purduepam said...

Love it. Great design