Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ceramic Jewelry Fun

I took a class last summer.  Yes, I am finally getting around to posting this.  It was a class on making small ceramics for jewelry.  The class was reasonably priced and honestly if I was not big into quilting I would probably be big into ceramics.  Always loved that medium.
There is a great coop in downtown Rochester. They use to have a dark room there.  I would go there and develop my black and whites.  I thought I was so cool, dont yah know.
The teacher made up a few stamped greenware for us to share.  Very cute.
Some of the teachers stuff.


She fired us up a slab to put our stuff on.  I was called pineapple. 

Some of my friends stuff. She has a bit more experience than me.  Well, a LOT more experience than me.

I had a blast.  I took the class with my friend Mary Pat.  We made all kinds of little do dads that I really need to hang on wires and necklaces, etc.  Put them to use.  My favorite was my very experimental turtle.  I wasn't sure if he was going to hold up but he did pretty well.


The Baubles

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