Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Fabric, New Design

I was working on NY Beauty.  I finished the complete circle and then I was distracted. 

If my friend was here she would yell, "Squirrel".  Like in the movie "Up"- the dog is walking along minding his own business and all of a sudden he would see a squirrel and it would completely distract him.  This has become the joke at retreat.  Because so many of us are attracted to shiny things.  We all say we have ADD because fabric or new patterns can be so dang distracting to us.

Back to my story, some time ago my friend and I were at a local quilting store and found some yummy fabric on sale.  We decided to get it- we both loved it.  We bought three different ones.  We agreed on the way home that we would find a pattern, didnt have to be the same, and make something with those fabrics. 

I have been looking and looking for a pattern and alas I found it.  Nothing ground breaking mind you.  A simple, tried and true pattern.  One that has been on my hit list since I started quilting. 

I realized though that I needed some variety.  (Any excuse, dont yah know.) So I headed back to that same store because they were having a  sale and bought about six half yards and 2 full yards of fabric to go along with what I had.

You might have thought I was crazy.  And I really thought I was going crazy because they don't seem to match.  Matter of fact when I pulled the samples of what I had out of my pocket I made sure no one saw because they might think I was crazy for my color combination.  And yes, I was a bit skeptical myself... Well, very skeptical.

I cut in... Yikes, what was I thinking...

Stay tuned.

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