Thursday, October 16, 2014

Retreat Reflection

I went to retreat this past weekend.  I love retreat.  I love hanging out with the girls, being silly, having my meals made for me, people cleaning up my messy dishes, eating their good food, making projects, seeing other peoples projects, getting inspiration and ideas.  Its a blast!

My leaves are coming along.  Not sure what I am going to do with them all.  I love the words.  It will be a whimsical type quilt.
 This was on my drive home.  There a few more that I need to get pics of.
 A beautiful sunset Saturday evening.
 You can sit and watch the sunset on rockers, looking out over the lake!
These are the favors that were made by a wonderful woman in our group; cucumber melon soap, almond lotion bar, lavender bath salts and a bag of "spa" tea.
I had to try my friends jelly.  I had it on a sun dried tomato bagel.  I did not expect it to taste so good.  Nor did I expect to be able to spread cream cheese with a stirrer.
 Aren't these mason jars cute!
What is fall without mums.  It looks like fireworks.

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