Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jenny Doan Lecture Notes

Source: Morguefile

I know this has all been so Jenny Doan centric but, I can't help myself.  She was very inspirational.  She is a great speaker and her enthusiasm and charm is undeniable.

I did not take any notes but my friend Sandy of Quilting For The Rest Of Us did.  A few little things that are helpful to keep tucked under your hat.

Measurements and Precuts

1 charm pack makes a baby blanket
2 makes a crib quilt
3 makes a lap quilt
4 makes a twin with some fabric for a border

1 layer cake makes a twin
2 a Queen with some fabric for border

1 jelly roll a twin
2 a Queen

1 jelly roll is 2 3/4 yards
1 layer cake is 2 3/4 yards

It takes about 3 yards to make a twin size quilt.

Now, isn't that helpful if you are a precut buyer?!?!

And, yes, her tutorials are mostly precuts but you can make your own!

For the Disappearing Nine Patch, which Sandy calls- D9P (love it- sounds like some new chemical, when in fact it is all natural quilt terminology).

-Experiment with different placement of blocks to make different variations. 
-Line up blocks to make corner stone sashing without the fuss of tiny squares.
-Put sashing between the blocks for another variation.

Missouri Star Quilt Company posts Jenny's video tuts every Friday.  Do you know how many tuts there are? More than I thought that is for sure.  I have subscribed to them for a while from You Tube.

Missouri Star Quilt Company's templates are made to fit precuts.  Very convenient!

Interesting tidbit, 70% of quilters begin quilting after a loss.  For me- so true.  From social worker to homemaker/stay at home Mom. It gives me job satisfaction.  I thought it was cooking and baking for so long but my efforts are gobbled up in ten minutes.  My quilts will live on for a while.

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