Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hand Soap DIY

I have been wanting to make this do it yourself handmade soap for a while. I finally came to terms with a 3.50 bar of soap and bought it.  Ouch.  I don't usually buy soap for that much money unless I am buying a multi pack of them.  There was  day when I was single and would treat myself to hand made soaps once in a while.  But now?  Pinching pennies where I can- soap would be the last place I spend a ton of money.  I reasoned with myself- 3.50 for a whole gallon of liquid soap, well, that, I could deal with.  But what if it didnt work?

Guess what?  It worked.  It totally worked.
Grating the soap was real easy.  The soap is soft.  It melts really fast.  So when you are heating it, watch it closely so that it does not boil.  Stir it.  If you see things floating continue heating.  As soon as there are no tiny soap bits, remove it from the heat.  Let cool.  Like don't check it for 12 hours, kinda cool.
Liquid Hand Soap

1 gallon water (filtered or distilled is best)
2 tablespoons glycerin*
1 bar Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap

Grate the soap.  Place the soap the glycerin and the water in a large pot.  It should be stainless steel.  If  you use something that is porous then the soap may stay in the pot and carry over into your food.  Stainless steel will clean up real nice with no soap left behind.  You should also stir with metal- no wood. 

Heat over medium heat until all the little soap bits are melted. Remove from heat immediately.

Cool for 12 hours.  Check it- see if it is thickened.  Stir and let it drip off the spoon.  Notice how it drips.  Does it kind of slide off slowly.  Then it is nearly done.  If it is still very thin, wait another 12 hours. Check again.  This soap will thicken as 24- 36 hours pass.  At first it is thin then about the consistency of egg whites, then more like soft set jello.

Whisk in small circles to combine everything.  Pour into soap dispensers. 

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Bo Tolbert said...

Now that’s a simple and practical approach! That kind of DIY maximizes the use of the soap, and is really a good suggestion for those who want to save up lots of money by not needing to buy hand soap and sanitizers. Thanks for sharing that trick, Lori!

Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply