Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thread Art and Science Projects

Do you remember thread art?  It was real popular in the 70's. 

If you click the picture it will bring you to the source, Department of Creation.
I was helping my daughter out with her science project.  The assignment was a 3D depiction of a few constellations.  I remembered these thread creations and I suggested it to her.  She agreed.  I have to say that I was super impressed with her nail job.  She did most of the work.  The threading was a bit more omplicated but she did pretty well. 

It was a lot of fun to do the project together. I love that it can be documented and saved in cyber space.  Great job chicky!

I did learn something too.  While I have always known about Orion, I have never actually spotted it in the night sky- at least not by myself.  A couple weeks ago, I saw it and showed my daughter.  That was a great moment for me because her science project came to life (and I was pretty proud of myself that I finally found it- I know you are all probably thinking what took me so long) . 

P.S. If you want to see a ton more of these on Google images- just put in the search words thread art or nail and thread art. There are a ton of really neat images out there.

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kat said...

Oh man how old school! Funny I was trying to convince Susi to do one of the Golden Gate Bridge for the hometown challenge