Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Iron Craft- Al fresco

The challenge for this week's Iron Challenge was al fresco. Maybe I stretched the idea a little. I saw this idea at the Crafting Chicks. It's perfect. I am always combing the internet and books on what to do with my children. Sometimes I am at a total loss. Sometimes I want something quick and simple. I want an easy to use guide on what to do with my kids. I know I am sure there are books out there like that but I havent thought of it at the time I am shopping for books- I forget.

One jar is for activites and games.
     ie: hide and go to seek, dress up, make your own bubbles... etc.
One jar is for oh the places we'll go
     ie:  hiking, swimming, beaches, local attractions, zoo's, fruit picking...etc.
One jar is for let's eat
     ie:  make ice pops, cupcakes, smoothies with fresh fruit... etc.

You get the idea.  So fun.  One bit of warning on there.  She writes clean coins with salt and vinegar.  Dont do it, it will make your coins black.  Just throw that idea out.

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