Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge: Buttons

I really wanted to do this yesterday with my daughter.  One daughter is at my Mothers for an overnight and the other is here with me.  I thought we could do a special craft together.  Her task was to clean the toy room.  She's done it before, I know she can do it. But she didn't.  She decided that what ever Mommy had in store for her was not worth the effort.  Now, my other daughter would have had that room cleaned lickety split for a chance to do a craft.  When my daughter sees what I made this morning while she slumbered, she is going to wish she had cleaned that room.  Natural consequence, well, at least I hope.

This was real quick to pull together.  At first I was going to use felt but then I remembered that my Mother made me a bunch of these crocheted flowers.  I was using them for many crafts but still have a bunch left. I decided to use them instead.  I laid some little scraps of fabric over the styrofoam ball.  (Those scraps came in handy again- see).  Then I straight pinned them in roughly.  No need to get all perfect with it because you are going to lay the flowers on top.  Then I just pinned the buttons onto the flowers with a colored headed pin.  Voila.  Stuck some ribbon on top for hanging with some decorative pins.  I rather like it.  I can see some Christmas balls like this in my near future.  A great craft with the kiddos as well.

I am calling them  Flower Power Balls


kat said...

That is really cute & yes I can totally see a Christmas use.

JCMITQuilts said...

Totally cute! Wish I had a bunch of gorgeous crocheted flowers just "laying" around. LOL