Monday, August 22, 2011

Design Wall Monday- January Carnations

I am off for days events but I wanted to slip this entry into Patchwork Times, Design Wall Monday.  I have actually finished piecing a top with these colors.  Then I decided to make a fancy backing for it.  But then as I got going, I decided I was going to make a throw.  So the pinwheels on the bottom are for the backing as originally planned.  And the Evening Stars on top are for the next quilt.  Goodness.  This January Carnation fabric has really had a life of its own.  Since I have two girls born in January it works out pretty nicely.

This is where it all started- with this pieced square that I won at an auction.


JCMITQuilts said...

LOVE "Design Wall Monday" - Will post mine before bed! Love your pretty quilt too!!

Chris said...

I love the stars and pinwheels. Great colors.