Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tissue Paper Fish and Crabs

One place I almost always visit when I am looking for kid projects is the Crafty Crow.  I saw these there and fell in love with them.

We used a few toilet paper rolls but only had two.  So I made a tube out of a cereal box.  Worked beautifully. 

The one on the bottom looks like a crab doesn't it?  My daughter, who always aims to think outside the box thought of it.  As soon as she placed the eyeballs on it became a crab to me.  Love it.

My seven year old did pretty good.  She is pretty dexterous with her fingers and just loves projects like this.   Me too!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mini Purse: Prototype One

Prototype One.  Here is my first attempt at making my own little purse.  While making it, I had fantasies of becoming a major designer.  Maybe Vera Bradley.  Sad but true.  Does anyone else do this? 
Okay, so it's not like I thought I would be an overnight success or anything.  But a girl has to have dreams...
Really, who doesn't have fantasies of doing what they love and making money at it?

And then I took it to a soccer game.  Yup, lost my tissues out the side and upon careful inspection discovered that my money could have come out just as easily.

As my daughter would say, "Epic fail."  But because I've been around a while I choose to look at it as prototype test one.  On to the next and hopefully the final.

Back to the drawing board.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Donation Quilt for Oklahoma

My first donation quilt.  I really enjoyed it.  My friend Sandy from Quilting for The Rest of Us gave out some free five inch blocks with a promise that we would do some sort of donation quilt.  I started mine at a retreat and finished it recently.  I was excited to share it with the people of OK.  Off it goes.

I put a caption on it that read; "May this quilt give you comfort during the storms of life." 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fathers Day Card

I think I need to do something around the edges but this is my husbands card so far.  Ain't it cool? I sewed it right to the card stock.  The bar that says Best Dad is glued on.  The buttons are sewed on because I needed a way to keep those triangles down.

Friday, June 7, 2013

My Modern Quilt: The Other Side of The Tracks

This is my original design.  I actually made this quilt in less than a month.  I would classify it as a modern quilt because of all the negative space.  I thought it would be easy to make a quilt with this much negative space but really I was quite surprised how hard it is.  You cut huge pieces at angles and it is difficult to be precise.  There are no rotary cutters and rulers for this type of piece.

The beauty of having a quilt with this much negative space is how fun it is to quilt.  I see my flaws now of course and have learned a lot from entering it in the show.  I had it critiqued and found that very useful.  Where did I get dinged?  binding issues.  Something simple that I can relearn.  So that is on the agenda of what to learn. And you can see on the top of the quilt that it is uneven.  I eyeballed it.  Clearly that was a mistake. I could have easily made that even- no excuse.

The good qualities that the judges made: Good use of color, visually appealing, originality and nice quilting.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Quilt Show

So, I spent 2 1/2 hours looking around at all the quilts.  Loved it.  My Mom and me.  Very nice to be with her.  She was able to meet some of my wonderful quilting peeps that we ran into at the show.

This lovely quilt was done by Lynn MacDonald from my group.  It is called Joseph's Quilt of Many Colors.  I just love it.

This is Laila, she won a ribbon for her Simple Elegance Quilt.  So lovely.  I was lucky enough to run into her at her quilt.

 Love the Prairie Point feathers!

This Lone Star was so much more amazing in person.  The contrast of the star on the cream background was beautiful. It would look so lovely in a log cabin with a rustic looking bedroom.  I love it.

 This one was mechanized.  The tail of the zebra wagged.  Very sweet.
 Absolutely loved this.


Never saw the entire show... over 500 quilts.  My Mom was pooping out but admittedly, so was I.  I probably will head back again before it is all over.