Friday, June 7, 2013

My Modern Quilt: The Other Side of The Tracks

This is my original design.  I actually made this quilt in less than a month.  I would classify it as a modern quilt because of all the negative space.  I thought it would be easy to make a quilt with this much negative space but really I was quite surprised how hard it is.  You cut huge pieces at angles and it is difficult to be precise.  There are no rotary cutters and rulers for this type of piece.

The beauty of having a quilt with this much negative space is how fun it is to quilt.  I see my flaws now of course and have learned a lot from entering it in the show.  I had it critiqued and found that very useful.  Where did I get dinged?  binding issues.  Something simple that I can relearn.  So that is on the agenda of what to learn. And you can see on the top of the quilt that it is uneven.  I eyeballed it.  Clearly that was a mistake. I could have easily made that even- no excuse.

The good qualities that the judges made: Good use of color, visually appealing, originality and nice quilting.

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