Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Drawing with Gel Pens

For Christmas my Mother gave my daughters and me, each, a set of gel pens.  We have been drawing pretty regularly ever since.  I found some videos on You Tube for learning Zen Tangle.  This is the lady I copied emulated. Doesn't emulated sound so much better.  She really is quite good.  This is not quite that good.  Fun, though.

My older daughter's drawings.  She is very into fashion lately.  From drawing dresses to making up clothes on a mini dress form.
My youngest daughter has to follow what her sister does, all the time once in a while.  I do love the bustle thing going on.  Thats something unique.

My younger daughter built this wonderful snowman all on her own. Isnt he awesome? I love his huge schnoz. 
Doesn't he kinda look melancholy.  Made me just want to say, "awww".

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