Thursday, January 9, 2014

Scrapitude Part III

I am oh, so late posting this.  My food blog, Lori's Lipsmacking Goodness has been getting all of my attention, as well as my kids and the many projects that need to get finished around here. I beg your pardon if you have been following this and wondered what happened.

Scrapitude Part III

1. Remember those 64 - 4 7/8" squares you cut way back when? Cut each of them diagonally once, to make 128 half-square triangles.

2. Next, remember the 128 triangle patches you made in step 2? You'll sew one of the half-square triangles from #1 above to each of the 128 triangle patches from step 2 as shown in the diagram below.

Press the seams towards the larger triangle (the single-fabric) side.
Square up units to 4 1/2".

Note here: You may recall in the cutting instructions that Charlotte had mentioned you could choose to have 50 of the 4-7/8" squares as pairs if you wanted--she addresses that in this video (link below) again as it relates to sewing this step.

To watch a video (done by my dear friend Sandy of Quilting For The Rest Of Us) instructional by our dear Charlotte, giver of the Scrapitude Mystery Quilt, click here.

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