Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sweet Blue - A Log Cabin Quilt Repurposed

I inherited (is that the right word?) I ended up, no, that's not it really either.  You see my friend, Sandy's Mom passed away a few years ago.  This was before I knew her.  Her Mom, Shirley, was a quilter.  After she passed my friend, Sandy who is also a quilter went through all her unfinished projects, took what she wanted and passed the rest along.  My other friend received one of those unfinished projects. This friend, Jan or Quilting Revolution was going through her stuff and pairing down and gave me this quilt top.

The quilt is a log cabin and it was round.  Just what was I going to do with it.  It was pretty and I wanted it and I just couldn't bear cutting it.  So it has sat on my shelf for about two years.  Wow, did that time go by fast.

I was in my laundry room and there on the shelf where I keep my unfinished projects was the quilt.  It spoke to me.  I pulled it out and took it upstairs.  Putting all my other projects aside I began to work on it.  (Yes, that is how I end up with unfinished projects- but they do in fact, get done). I cut it down to a square.  It now seemed right to cut it.  It was four blocks by four blocks after cutting off the roundedness so it needed some borders.  I placed the borders on and had corners of log cabins. Funny, I had gone to a stash sale last year and picked up some older fabric.  This fabric was dated 1989 I believe so it totally worked with the fabric Shirley used.

I did it all very quickly.  I still had to finish it with a binding but I had to show my friend because I was just too excited to share it with her.

I am calling it Sweet Blue.  I will leave it up to her what she wants to put on the label.  I am done with it.  It was meant to be, I feel- just exactly like it happened.

You can go see it at my friends Sandy's blog as well- Quilting For The Rest Of Us.

Me, showing the baby quilt.

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