Sunday, August 2, 2015

AQS Syracuse Quilt Show

I went to AQS Syracuse Show with my friends Sandy and Katie. Had a blast!  Shopping, looking at quilts and hanging out with two really cool people!

 These colors were so brilliant and they just popped.


The detail on this one was amazing.

If I had to pick one that grabbed me the most.  I think it would be this one.  The color and the look of it were just so appealing.  I love the red and the gradations of it in the background.  I love the keys too.  Those crows- stealing shiny things!

AMAZING quilting!

 I was so taken by the beading on this one!

 Love the Mexican feel to this one.
 This one totally made me giggle!

 The detail and workmanship on this was amazing.

 This was a VERY cool chair at one of the vendors.
This one here is a raffle quilt for the upcoming Tompkins - Ithaca Quilt Show.  If you want to buy raffle tickets go there! It is one beautiful quilt.  The gradation in green was absolutely stunning.

This one brought back memories of walking around different places in Mexico.  I always enjoyed being there.

 The quilting detail on this was amazing.  The eyes were done so well!

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