Sunday, May 5, 2013

Craftsy Mystery Box

I ordered a Craftsy Mystery Box online.  I waited and waited and waited...  And it finally arrived.  It's like Christmas receiving one of these packages.  All packaged up and not knowing what is inside.  I opened it with some trepidation. (how is that for dramatic?) yes- I can be a bit of a drama queen at times. 

Beautiful fabrics inside- 50 fat quarters.  A bargain.  Works out to roughly $1.11 per fat quarter.  But I will say because I always scriutinize prices, it works out to little less than 8 dollars a yard.  Because a fat quarter isn't truly a quarter of a yard but really 1/8 because you don't have the entire width of fabric.  Anywhoo.  I love them all. 

These lucious oriental type prints in jewel tones.

These sassy, bold florals.
Adorable, powdery baby colors.
And these, which I dont know what to say about these- medium, florals... Beautiful nevertheless.

All of them I just love.  I am hoping to whip up a baby bag or crib sheet or set. Just what shall I do with it, I dont know.  Maybe sell it on Etsy.

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kat said...

What a fun package.