Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quilters Favorites

I decided to participate in this linky party.  I found out about it from one of the ladies in the Modern Quilt Guild that I belong to.  Visit this site to find out more and read other sites that have participated.

List a few of your favorite quilting notions. 
My favorite quilting notions are probably what everyone likes.  My rotary cutter/mat being the most obvious.  What do I use that is somewhat unique, hmmm, I do use Best Press spray.  Thats really not unique...  Oh, and a quarter inch foot for more precise sewing.
Olfa Deluxe Rotary Cutter-45mmMary Ellen Products 600bp35 Mary Ellens <em>Best Press</em> Clear StarchPD60 P60610 <em>1/4</em>" Patchwork Piecing Seam <em>Foot</em> with Guide, All Metal ...
Any advice for a successful color scheme of a quilt ?

I think that all colors work together successfully if you pay attention to the tones and shades rather than the actual color.  I think most people intuitively get this but sometimes we have to work on it- practice and learning.

Some thoughts about thread and needles, batting, fabrics ? 

Change your sewing needles often.  I think many people don't realize how important it is to do this.

Better thread my cost more but in the case of Aurifil at least- it lasts so much longer.

Tips for easy piecing

Using a 1/4 inch foot is very helpful and of course chain stitching.

Machine quilting tips 

Relax and have fun.  I think that is the most important thing.  It should be enjoyable.  With some practice, you relax more.  Start with small sandwiches so you can familiarize yourself with the process.  Practice free hand and practice following a pattern.  See which one you feel more comfortable doing.

Me, I love to just do free hand.  I find it very relaxing and almost meditative.

Do you have free tutorials on your blog? Share the link.

How to Recover a Chair

I guess I need to do more of these.

What about modern quilting tools? Quilt software, die cutting systems, 
other tools? Why do you like them ?

I am too frugal to use a die cutting system, at least on a regular basis.  I feel like there is too much fabric waste.  I save everything.  The tiniest bits i put into a bag and use for stuffing.  I make pillows I use a combination of that and the stuffing you buy at the store for a soft yet firm pillow.

Do you have a favorite quilt designer ? 

I do not love a specific quilt designer.  I love to get ideas from all different places- books, blogs, quilt shows, magazines.  Whatever i can get my hands on.

Do you have a favorite quilt blogger? 

I have so many- where do I begin.  If you check out my sidebar, there are quite a few blogs that I visit regularly.  

Would you like to share one of your favorite quilts, made by you ?

I think this is my favorite so far.  In part because it was so fun to make but also because I just love the design. Its big and bold.

Quilt Finish 2012

Do you have a favorite quilt, made by other quilter ? (please ask for permission before you post a picture of her/his quilt, or post just a link).

Do you have a favorite online quilt shops ? What makes it special ?

I love, Hancocks of Paducah, Fat Quarter Shop and a smattering of other small shops.  I recently found Form and Fabric which is pretty amazing too.

What would be the perfect gift for your best quilting friend ?

I dont know what they would like other than the usual- fabrics, thread etc.  For me however it is clear- A day spent together shop hopping, lunch and lots of laughter.

Don't Do Like Me! 

For the best advice I could give is dont rush.  Take your time and enjoy the process.  And if you dont like something- dont keep going.  Fix it or move on.


Carol said...

The gift I listed for my best friend is the same as yours. LOL. Great minds thin alike:) We are doing just that in a couple of weeks. I can't wait.

Geta Grama said...

Thank you Lori for linking to my party and sharing your favorites.

Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

Thanks for the tips and enjoy the week!

Silvia said...

The quarter inch foot is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your tips!

Jenniffier said...

What a pretty quilt thanks for sharing your tips!