Friday, May 10, 2013

Quarter to Four Challenge

The Modern Quilt Club I go to had a fat quarter exchange called "Quarter to Four".  You take  a fat quarter and divide it into four equal parts.  You keep one and giveaway the other three to a pool.  You then take three parts of other peoples.  So you end up with 4 different pieces equal to a fat quarter, 1/4 being your own.
You take it home and sew it into 4 - 8 inch blocks, using white or black or grey- whatever- to make it what you want it to be.
 Then you bring it back to the group.  Keep one and exchange the other three.

Then you take them home and make something with it...  What to do? Thats up to you.

So these are my blocks.  The top one is the one I made and the bottom three are the ones I chose.

They are all cool.  With the talent in the group it was hard to choose which one.

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