Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some Days Yah Get 'Er Done... Some Days You Don't


Its funny, some days I go like a house on fire.  Getting a ton of stuff done in record time.  I sit at night and say to myself, whoa, I am feeling so good, I was able to get this and that done.  Other days, you cant drag me hard enough to get some stuff done.  Its like I am moving through mud.  And from what I understand this revolves around hormone cycles... figures. 

Yesterday was one of those get a lot of stuff done days. 

I picked up this little wooden crib at a garage sale two years ago for about five dollars.  It was enjoyed by my daughter for about a year and then it just fell apart.  But it fell apart at the seams.  I set it aside and figured I would glue and screw the thing back together again.  Well, I pulled it out and discovered that the wood screws that were in there were way too short.  So I swapped them out and now it is much sturdier- no glue needed. 

Since it was such a piece of crumb cake and I was so excited about getting it done, I made a little pad to put in it.  This way her dollies dont have to rest right on the wood.  Pretty uncomfortable, yah know.

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