Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pins and Trimmins Bag

I have always wanted one of these but just never took the time to make it.  This past Spring (yes, I am a little behind here), I designed a bag for the ladies to do at our guild retreat.  I will post the tutorial next post.
Don't you love this fabric.  I have a thing for notion type fabric.  I think it is incredibly cute and perfect for projects like this.  Its been in my stash for about a year and a half.  Whew, that time went fast.
This is not on the pattern.  One of the ladies suggesting putting a little rubberized backing on it.  I just hand sewed it on
Then I wanted a match set because I never have matched sets.  Like you know those ladies that have matching bags and suitcases.  Not me.  Just a conglomeration of whateve was on sale.  Ha!  But thats okay I am a thrifty kind of girl after all.  But this was a little treat for myself along with some functionality. 

I just measure my machine, figured a rectangular size, added a half an inch for each side. I added some batting as well.  I sewed my sides and one end with right sides together and then turned it inside out.  I added Velcro and the straps.  Just turn in the final side and sew closed.

Yes, below there is a little bit of a mess.  My sewing room is in a constant process of clean and then messy.