Saturday, March 19, 2011

Patricia's Quilt Show 2011; a sampling

Today I just had to go to a quilt show on the other side of town. The store, Patricia's puts on the quilt show at the Piano Works Mall. I have never been to it before but after taking a fewc lasses there and hearing about it, I had to check it out.

I picked up my daughter from her class and begged her, well bribed her. I told her if she did not whine and complain, I would be her a frosty from Wendy's. She complied and so did I.

This bear paw/bear claw was by a woman I met in my Cathedral Window class.  I love the array of colors she chose and how they all went together so nicely.
I loved the flow of this and all the beautiful batiks.
This one was very neat.  The picture does not d oit justice but really none of the pictures do the quilts justice.  This one wasn't so much the piecing that made you wow but rather the quilting.  All the roosters in various angles quilted in the blocks.  Check the following picture for more detail.

A very vibrant sampler.  I am totally drawn to colors like these.
Love these stars and the Christmas motif.  There are little snowmen int he blocks.
Love the blues in this pinwheel type quilt.  A very relaxing color to cuddle under, don't yah think?
I love the mix of brown and blue in this.  I like the pattern as well.
I love the design of a compass rose, always have.  Its one block I would love to learn how to make.
This is a Dahlia quilt, taught by an instructor, Suzzy Payne.  I have already taken her sampler class.  She also has a book written about how to make this quilt. She has a knack for simplifying quilts for you.
Loved the way this one was pieced.  Very smart! 

Here is a little closer look.
Here is a little close up of the bread.
I really think this one is beautiful.

There were many more quilts there.  I just took some shots of a few that really caught me.


nrpp said...

Hi Laurie,
I also went to the quilt show yesterday. What a wonderful array of creativity. I saw several people from my advanced class and, of course, Suzzy. She is so great. Sorry I missed you. We should catch up some time. Love your blogs.

kat said...

Its very inspiring to see all the quilts other people make. Susi & I send each other a quilt a day from around the web & there are so many I want to make now.

Kathleen said...

such beautiful works of art. the detail is to die for.